The Sound of Music (40th Anniversary Edition)

Maria (Julie Andrews – Shrek 2, Victor, Victoria) is a young girl at an Austrian convent who discovers that being a nun is not really what she wants to do with her life. She is frustrated by always seeming to do the wrong thing in the eyes of the sisters at the convent. It is decided by the Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood – A Star Is Born) for everyone's betterment that Maria will be sent to the home of a widowed retired naval officer, Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer – Must Love Dogs, Malcolm X). The Von Trapp children, all seven of them, are quite high spirited and have driven off a number of governesses. Maria decides that the children do not need more rules but someone to love them and she starts to spoil them with sugar. Because of the children, Maria's love of music comes back to her as she sings to them often. Even though the Captain is engaged and Maria is studying to be a nun, Von Trapp and Maria find themselves falling for each other.

This 1965 film is arguably the most loved and watched movie musical ever made. Generations of families have gathered to watch it as it is shown almost every Christmas time and for 40 years the public's enthusiasm for this film has not diminished. I dare you to find one person who will not recognize and continue singing with you "Doe. A deer. A female deer." Rogers and Hammerstein knew how to construct great musicals and this one translated well onto film. The Von Trapp family is based on an actual Austrian family circa World War II. It is amazing that this film became a cult favourite like 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' in that audience members would come to screenings dressed up like the characters and shout or sing out parts of the film. I am sure there are the critics that will say that the characters are not well developed or that the whole film is too sugary, but these are just those without a heart. Director Robert Wise (West Side Story, I Want to Live!) has used incredible shots of the Austrian countryside to flesh out the film and keeps the pacing of the film up by flawlessly weaving in the musical numbers. The whole film is made more believable by the simple fact that Julie Andrews is incredible in it. You actually end up believing that kindness and love can solve all problems. Her great singing voice really brings out the life and fun in the wonderful songs in the film. When it seems like the audience might go into a diabetic shock then you can always count on Maria's rival for Captain Von Trapp's affections, the Countess (Eleanor Parker – Of Human Bondage, Return to Peyton Place) to say something snide. It is one of the few World War II films that leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Special Features:
-Introduction by Julie Andrews on both discs
-Songs only play feature
-English, French and Spanish sing-a-long subtitles
-A Few Of My Favourite Things: A retrospective documentary
-Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer: A Reminiscence
-Charmian Carr on location with The Sound of Music
-From Liesl to Gretl: 40th Anniversary Reunion
-When You Know the Notes to Sing: A Sing-a-long Phenomenon
-Biography: The Von Trapp Family – Harmony and Discord
-Restoration comparison
-Storyboard gallery
-Behind-the-scenes stills
-Lobby cards and one-sheets
-Screen test: Mia Farrow
-Trailers and TV spots: Theatrical teaser, theatrical trailer, 1st anniversary trailer, Academy Award trailer, 1973 reissue trailer, testimonial trailer, TV trailer

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