Beastie Boys

Frat-dudes and pre-pubescent skaters rejoice! Brooklyn's prodigal rappers The Beastie Boys are back with yet another greatest-hits collection, this time slimmed down to one convenient disc. While their "Sounds of Science" box-set was a more comprehensive chronicling of the Beastie's career, "Solid Gold Hits" focuses on the bands' early (i.e.- Continue Reading

Stevie Wonder

10 years after his last release, Stevie Wonder has a lot to prove with "A Time To Love". Lest he not be accused of coming to the party unprepared, Wonder has stacked this record with an impressive list of contributors, ranging from rocker Bonnie Raitt to the soulful India Arie. Continue Reading

Rob Dickinson

Ex- Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson had some truly grandiose plans for this, his new solo record. According to the liner notes, Dickinson readily admits that he attempted to "make the best record in the world". While it would be safe to say he fell short of that lofty goal, Continue Reading