It seems to be common that when a rapper or hip-hop artist makes it big (i.e. sells lots of CDs) that they start their own stable of protégés. Eminem, 50 Cent and now Ludacris have all done it. This is the second album of 'Ludacris presents' type material; it is a collaboration between Ludacris and his protégés. He has even managed to have actor Jamie Foxx come on the album for a track. Their collaboration (also artists Field Mob) called 'Georgia' is one of the stronger tracks on the album and it is the first single released. What is interesting about this CD is that there are different styles of artists on it. I guess, ever since Jay-Z successfully collaborated with metal band Linkin Park it has become en vogue for rap/hip-hop artists to play with metal artists. On this album, Ludacris has brought on metal band Lazyeye. It is unfortunate that even though he has tried to mix different music styles (metal, soul, R&B, etc.) it really hasn't totally worked. It is encouraging to see the hip-hop community trying to grow and being influenced by other musical stylings though. Just an aside (and I'm probably showing my age by writing this), I'd really like to see one hip-hop/rap album without the warning on the front for explicit content.

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