Green Day

California trio Green Day has become the best-selling act in punk rock music. How did this happen you ask? Well, they have not forgotten the roots of punk – the music is fast, fun, loud, and socially conscious. The combo DVD/live CD was released just before Christmas and quickly became another big seller. The concert that is captured for the DVD was from a show in England during their latest tour. It is important that a band like Green Day release a live DVD/CD because the live performance is what they are all about. Their live show gives the viewer a window into the bands political stance (anti-Bush), their crazy stage antics and how they are the band who most, since Queen in the Freddy Mercury days, brings a type of rock opera to their fans. The DVD was directed by Samuel Bayer and he manages to capture Green Day's energy on stage and also rounds out the picture of the band with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. The sorta documentary plays in between each song of the show. The concert starts off with songs from their latest album (American Idiot) and then goes through their biggest hits. The live CD contains the same songs as the DVD without the interspersal of the documentary.

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