The Dark Corner

Brad Galt (Mark Stevens – Rhapsody in Blue) is a private investigator who has recently hired Kathleen Conley (Lucille Ball) as his secretary. Despite the fact that they are being followed by a heavy set man in a white suit (William Bendix – Woman of the Year, Lifeboat), there is a romance budding between Galt and Kathleen. Galt has a past from his life in San Francisco which seems to be still following him. He had a detective firm there, but his partner Tony Jardine (The Enemy Below) would use his good looks to milk rich women out of their money and Galt got into trouble due to that. It seems as if Jardine is continuing his ways in New York as he has gotten himself hooked up with Mari Cathcart (Cathy Downs – State Fair, My Darling Clementine), wife of wealthy art dealer Hardy Cathcart (Clifton Webb – Cheaper By The Dozen, The Razor's Edge). As the threat against Galt starts to get bigger it seems that he will go to any length to protect his secret. When people start getting murdered the police turn their attention to Galt while he and Kathleen try to get to the bottom of the mystery.

'The Dark Corner' is a film noir that focuses on obsession and murder. It is an interesting story which is ably directed by Henry Hathaway (True Grit, Niagara). Within this 'whodunit' there are many twists and turns and they all seem plausible. The cinematography is excellent – using great camera angles and light and dark to compliment or enhance the mood of the story. The most surprising aspect of the film is how ably well-known comedian Lucille Ball played a straight role. She definitely could have done much more drama than she ended up doing. Not that I am second-guessing her career choices!

Special Features:
-Fox noir: trailers of Call Northside 77, Laura, Nightmare Alley, Panic in the Streets, House of Bamboo, and The Street With No Name

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