Cloud 9

Billy Cole (Burt Reynolds – The Dukes of Hazzard, Smokey and the Bandit) is a middle-aged con man who is down on his luck. He is so broke that he goes to strip bars not to watch the girls but to indulge in the free buffet. While eating lunch one day at the strip club Cloud 9, Cole comes up with a get rich quick idea to form the world's sexiest beach volleyball team using the strippers. Along with his pals, limo driver Tenspot (D.L. Hughley – Scary Movie 3, The Brothers) and none too bright beach bum Jackson (Paul Wesley – Minority Report, Roll Bounce), Cole trains the girls, Olga (Katheryn Winnick – 50 First Dates, Two Weeks Notice), Crystal (Marne Patterson – Sliver), Champagne (Kenya Moore – Waiting to Exhale, Deliver Us From Eva), and Corazon (Patricia De Leon – The Master of Disguise), to play beach volleyball. Cole hires the girls out to play at corporate and bachelor parties, but very soon the girls become tired of just being 'entertainment' and want to be real beach volleyball players.

There are some films you see that you just don't know what to say about them. Obviously going in to the film I realized that it would not be Shakespeare, but even with my low expectations it was still quite painful to watch. All the acting was below a watchable level and director Harry Basil (Funky Monkey) does not seem to know what to do with this mess. The film involves the rehashed plot of the underdogs becoming the winners and everyone involved learning important life lessons. Burt Reynolds plays the loveable scoundrel role that he has done many times before. There are some cameos by Gary Busey, Tom Arnold and professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece.

Special Features:
-Hoosiers Meets Hooters: Behind Cloud 9
-Burt Reynolds' Fight Club: Directing a Rumble
-Being Gary Busey: The Cameo Outtakes

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