Red Eye

Lisa Reisart (Rachel McAdams – Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone) is returning home to Miami from Dallas after the funeral of her grandmother. Lisa is a manager at the Lux Atlantic Hotel, large and upscale, and work is her life. Because of weather, Lisa's red eye flight to Miami is delayed, while waiting in line she meets Jackson Ripner (Cillian Murphy – Breakfast on Pluto, Batman Begins). They end up sitting next to each other on the flight, but soon after take off Lisa's attraction to Jackson turns to horror when he tells her that unless she makes a phonecall to change the hotel room of William Keefe (Jack Scalia – television actor from such series as 'Dallas'), the deputy secretary of Homeland Security, his partner will kill her father (Brian Cox – Match Point, Adaptation). At 30,000 feet Lisa is trapped and her options are quite limited. Lisa and Jackson engage in a thrilling game of cat and mouse and Lisa has to make a decision where one of two people will die.

Though most of the 'action' in this film takes place in an airplane it does not seem to limit director Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Serpent and the Rainbow), quite the opposite as it allows him to create a heightened sense of tension due to the close quarters. Actually, the weakest parts of the film are those shot off the airplane. Craven does keep the pace of the film moving as there are very few 'down' moments. Even though he has mostly done horror movies he shows some ability in the thriller/suspense genre. There is both horror and humor in the film and nice acting performances by Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. Like most horror/thriller films there are a few cheesy moments that are not really realistic, but over all this film is a decent rental.

Special Features:
-The Making of Red Eye
-Wes Craven: A New Kind of Thriller
-Gag reel
-Filmmaker commentary
-Previews: Just Like Heaven, The Island and Cry Wolf

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