Brothers KC (Steve Howey – from the television series 'Reba') and Trip Carlyle (Mike Vogel – Rumour Has It, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) are young talented motorcycle racers who both dream of becoming champions. The brothers Carlyle live on their own, as their parents are dead, and work cleaning pools to make enough money to race their bikes. Older brother KC is a cautious driver and Trip will take any risk necessary to win. A big break comes KC's way when he is offered a ride with a large corporate sponsor. This causes a rift between the brothers as Trip remains a privateer – a rider without a sponsor. KC realizes the life in corporate racing is not all it seemed when his sponsors just want him to 'protect' their number one racer, Rowdy Sparks (Channing Tatum – War of the Worlds, Coach Carter). KC becomes more and more distant from those he loves, even his girlfriend Zoe (Sophia Bush – Van Wilder). Trip finds some backing from his girlfriend Piper's (Cameron Richardson – mostly known as a model) father, Earl Cole (Robert Patrick – Walk the Line, Ladder 49). After a tragic accident, the brothers decide to forget their past differences and band together to try to win the title at the Las Vegas Motocross Championship.

Most of the film and director Steve Boyum's (has worked as Assistant Director on George of the Jungle and Mystery, Alaska) focus is on the bikes and stunts on them. He seems to have only given a fleeting thought to the plot and acting. Even though you do make allowances for the fact that the film must not have had a large budget, there is really no excuse for the poor camerawork. Many of the shots are shaky and poorly lit. The story also drags out the tired old plots of brother vs. brother, good winning out against evil, and everything working out in the end. This is definitely an MTV type film that uses young hot actors to try to cash in on the fad of motocross racing.

Special Features:
Side A:
-Fullscreen version of film
-The stunts
-The stunt doubles
-The story
-The industry
-The cast and crew
-Trailer for The Sentinel

Side B:
-Widescreen version of film
-Featurettes on the world of motocross, the cast and crew and the story behind the making of the film
-Trailer for The Sentinel

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