Stormy Weather

With all this talent in one musical, despite the clichéd storyline, Stormy Weather is a must see for fans of the music and dance of the 1920s. This is an entertainer's life, Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, told in song and dance. There are more than 20 musical numbers. Robinson retells the story of his life and career through song and dance. There is also some romance thrown in as Robinson's lifelong love of a singer/dancer is part of the story. Even though it is in black and white you can tell that the costumes that Lena Horne wears are amazing and you get a chance to hear her sing the song "Stormy Weather", which would later turn into her signature tune. Every star of colour from the era (Cab Calloway, Lena Horne, Fats Waller, etc.) of the 1940s is in this film. The highlight of the film for me was the breathtaking finale dance by the Nicholas Brothers; what they were able to do on the staircase was simply amazing. Take the rare opportunity to watch all this top talent together in one film.

Bill Williamson (Bill Robinson – The Littlest Rebel, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm) has just returned from World War I with friend and fellow soldier Gabe Tucker (Dooley Wilson – Casablanca, My Favourite Blonde). At a ball, Bill meets and falls for singer/dancer Selina Rogers (Lena Horne – The Wiz, Ziegfeld Follies), who encourages him to get into show business after seeing him dance. Bill follows her advice but their careers end up leading them in different directions.

Special Features:
-Fox flix: trailers for Daddy Long Legs and Call Me Madam

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