Denzal Sinclaire

Many Montrealers have had the opportunity to see Denzal mature from a jazz student at McGill into one of Canada's most acclaimed male jazz vocalists in the span of a decade. He can boast fans as prestigious as Diana Krall and Dianne Reeves besides a legion of us 'commoners'. His silky smooth voice and look will remind you of Nat King Cole, but he is definitely an individual and not a knock off. This is his third album and the confidence he has acquired really shows. The album is a quiet yet self-assured one. Wisely, Denzal has gathered an all-star type band of musicians from the U.S. and Vancouver to accompany him. Denzal covers such diverse artists as Stevie Wonder, Genesis, Willie Nelson, and Ella Fitzgerald. Showing his skill with ballads (which suit his voice) this is a great album to put on while sitting in a bubble bath and relaxing.

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