Gino Vannelli

Hard to believe that this guy has been around for 30 years!! Where does the time go? Listening to this album is like listening to two different albums. There are 7 new songs on Montrealer Gino Vannelli's latest album and 7 of his classic hits. Even if you are not a fan there is no denying that the man has a very unique voice and knows how wring every last bit of emotion out of the lyrics. The new songs, while still remaining in the pop genre, represent a more stripped down sound for Vannelli. Instead of using synthesizers and electronic instruments he now focuses on piano, guitar, stand up bass and drums. The lyrics remain the same very visual and poetic type that he has always been known for. This is the type of music that people tend to 'feel'. Gino Vannelli will be performing in Montreal at Club Soda from February 2 through February 4 inclusive.

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