Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights (Eron Bucciarelli: drums, Casey Calvert: guitar, Micah Carli: guitar, Matt Ridenour: bass, JT Woodruff: vocals/guitar) were formed two years ago in Dayton, Ohio and 'If Only You Were Lonely' is their sophomore release. Their first album hit the gold record status and they released a DVD to support it. Not bad for a new band on a small record label! This second album was written mostly on tour buses, due to their constant touring schedule (they were part of the Warped Tour during the summer of 2005 and have opened for Silverstein, Fall Out Boys and All-American Rejects), and is an attempt by the band to go beyond the perceived limits of emo/scream rock. Their sound on this album moves from standard emo rock to a more metal sound to even piano ballads (which seem to be cool irregardless of genre nowadays). The triple guitar adds many layers to their sound. Check out this hot up-and-coming hard rock band now while you still have a chance to brag "I knew them when".

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