Jack Johnson and Friends

Maybe the fact that Jack Johnson just became a father helped him tap into the emotions needed to record this soundtrack album. Whatever he used as inspiraton I really love it!! As I watched the film the music really enhanced the experience; Johnson really gave the perfect voice/music to the monkey who does not talk (Thank God!). He perfectly encapsulates the emotions of this cartoon monkey in his music and lyrics. While I was listening to the album at home my enjoyment of it did not diminish. It is a great soft-sounding modern day lullaby album. Jack Johnson is joined by musical friends Ben Harper, Matt Costa and G. Love on the soundtrack, reinvents the Schoolhouse Rock classic "3 Rs" to speak of reducing, reusing and recycling, and even treats us to a unique cover of the White Stripes tune "We're Gonna Be Friends". It is the rare soundtrack that kids and parents can both enjoy.

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