Latrice Barnett's debut album "Illuminate" offers up a generous set of house music blended with cool R&B vocals. A twist of fate occurred when she spotted a cute guy at a party in France during her school days. Her friend told him that Latrice was a famous American singer. He asked her to join his band and that's when her career took off. After touring with the group throughout France, she then joined the neo-soul band "Five Point Plan" in 1998 and stayed with them until 2003. In 2004 she fronted Galactic, a New Orleans Based funk group. Her solo debut not only features Latrice on vocals but she also takes credit for writing as well. The album starts off with the title track, a groovy tune that sets the pace for what is to follow. "Hold The Light" has a cool vibe, followed by the danceable beats of "Celebrate." Latrice gets romantic on the sentimental "Let Me Tell You Why" and continues to impress with "Lessons Learned," a tale about love gone wrong. Other standout tracks include "On & On" and "Spirits." An artist to discover.

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