Roseanne Cash

It cannot be easy being the daughter of a country music legend and trying to be taken seriously as a musician in your own right. Rosanne Cash has demonstrated time and time again that the musical genes of her father, Johnny Cash, have definitely trickled into her veins. This is one talented lady! Despite having suffered under the same type of drug addictions that her father fell victim to, Roseanne has managed to build herself an impressive career full of good music. She is an artist who pours every bit of her brain and more importantly her heart into the music she writes. This equals music that touches people. The past two years have not been easy ones for Miss Cash in that she suffered through the losses of her father, mother and step-mother, June Carter-Cash. This grief has worked its way into her music and she embraces it as a normal part of life. She invites you in to connect with her life and her music and ends up with an album that is full of melody and poetry.

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