Aimee Mann / Feb. 7, 2006 / in Montreal

Club Soda was filled with fans long before the night's opener, Chuck Prophet stepped onto the stage right at 9 p.m. Prophet, played a quick but enjoyable 45-minute solo set. His tattered old guitar was held together by a few strands of tape, but was graced with Roy Clark's (from Hee Haw TV show fame) autograph near the guitar's bridge. The man behind the guitar spoke with a conspicuous southern drawl and sang into two separate mics (one high impedance mic and another low). The only sound effect that accompanied Prophet was the sound of an electronic thumping metronome type gizmo. This finger picking guitar player / singer who sounds like a hybrid of Johnny Cash and Tom Petty played his heart out and thoroughly entertained the audience.

After a short 20-minute intermission, the crowd started to liven up while the lights dimmed. People were hooting and clapping as Aimee Mann walked out and took center stage with a blue spotlight shining down on her. She started off her set with the lilting "Heroin." Accompanied by Paul Ryan (bass guitar, backup vocals) and Jamie Edwards (piano, keyboard accordion), the trio never sounded sparse. Mann moved on to some older music, including her best-known recording the soundtrack to the film "Magnolia." A large number of spectators had their eyes closed throughout most of the show so they could fully lose themselves in Mann's magical songs.

Mann interacted with the crowd when she left her guitar behind to try her hand at the piano towards the end of the evening, saying that she would try not to make any mistakes. To the delight of those in attendance, Mann reached out to members of the audience and she asked four people to come on stage to play percussion during a frolicking rendition of "Frankenstein."

Mann received her first standing ovation as she went back-stage. The encore was "That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart." She followed that with a song she co-wrote with Elvis Costello "Other End of the Telescope." "Deathly" followed and once again, Mann left the stage. The crowd, feeling incomplete, began cheering and clapping even louder then Mann rewarded them and returned to sing one last encore, a lullaby entitled, "I've Had It."

The concert left me completely mesmerised. The tone and quality of Mann's voice was soothing, melodic and must be heard live to be fully appreciated. The sound quality at The Club Soda was outstanding and the crowd was very receptive. A++

Aimee Mann Set List

Goodbye Caroline
Going Through the Motions
You Could Make a Killing
Save Me
Wise Up
Little Bombs
Lost In Space
It's Not Safe
4th of July
Nothing Is Good Enough
You Do


That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart
Other End of the Telescope

I've Had It

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