Wedding Double Feature-The Wedding Planner/My Best Friend’s Wedding

The Wedding Planner:
Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez – Out of Sight, Angel Eyes) is San Francisco's best wedding planner because she is motivated, a hard worker, prepared for everything, and does exactly what is needed to make each wedding a successful one. She even manages to nab the job of planning the wedding of year for the very wealthy Francine Donnolly (Brigette Wilson – Shopgirl, I Know What You Did Last Summer). The only thing lacking in Mary's life is romance; she is married to her job. Walking across the street Mary's shoe gets caught in a sewer grate while trying to get her beloved Gucci pump free and garbage bin comes hurtling towards her. She is rescued by the very handsome Dr. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey – Two For The Money, Sahara). He brings her to the children's hospital that he works at to check her out. Mary's assistant Penny (Judy Greer – Elizabethtown, The Village), playing cupid, sets them up to go and watch an outdoor movie. The two hit it off and Mary is on cloud nine. She comes abruptly crashing to earth when she finds out that Steve is Francine's fiancé. Mary has to compose herself and realize that you cannot plan for everything in life.

Right around the Valentine season a movie like this is the perfect light romantic comedy to snuggle up with your honey while watching. It is in the vein of those old time romantic comedy's that were sweet and innocent. There are no twists or turns in the film and no one won an Oscar, but director Adam Shankman (A Walk to Remember, The Pacifier) has made some light fluff that will make your heart go pitter patter.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes with director's commentary
-Making of featurette
-The dancer and the cowboy featurette
-Theatrical trailers

My Best Friend's Wedding
Hard to believe that it was almost 10 years ago that this film came out…my how time flies! The only thing that these two films have in common is the word 'wedding' in the titles. This is a somewhat darker take on love and weddings. America's sweetheart Julia Roberts does not play the sweet and lovable girl in this film. She is the one trying to break up the wedding of her male best friend. Director P.J Hogan (Muriel's Wedding) has wisely cast Roberts in a role she does not usually do and it works. She is good as the woman we do not want to end up with the guy. Her character is not unlikable, but we do not hate her either. While the lead actors do a commendable job, it is really the supporting actors that make the film for me. Rupert Everett steals almost every scene he is in; especially the sing-a-long to "Say A Little Prayer" that he leads, which is my favourite scene in the film. Speaking of singing, the soundtrack to the film is also top-notch with tunes from Dionne Warwick, Jann Arden, Tony Bennett, and Ani Difranco. What is most right about this film is that the 'right' girl gets the guy in the end.

Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts – Mary Reilly, Michael Collins) has realized that she is in love with her best friend Michael O'Neal (Dermot Mulroney – The Family Stone, Must Love Dogs), unfortunately for her it is on the day he announces to her that he is getting married. Julianne and Michael dated briefly and after have been best friends for 9 years. Six years ago they made a pact that if they were both single when they turned 28 that they would marry each other. When Michael calls Julianne and tells her that he really needs to speak to her she assumes it is because he wants to get married. Shocking Julianne, Michael tells her he has met the very rich Kimberly Wallace (Cameron Diaz – In Her Shoes, Shrek 2) and they are getting married in four days. Julianne tells her editor George (Rupert Everett – The Ideal Husband, Shakespeare in Love) that she has four days to break up the wedding and make Michael realize she is the girl for him. As the time of the wedding draws nearing Julianne's attempts to break up Michael and Kimberly become more and more desperate.

Special Features:
-Unveiled: The Best Friend's Wedding
-Wedding do's and don'ts
-"Say A Little Prayer" sing- a-long
-"On the set"

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