Something to Sing About

Over the years, numerous actors and hip-hop artists have contributed to the false image that the gangsta lifestyle is "cool." It's all about the "bling bling," being surrounded with women, and intimidating others with weapons & street violence. There are countless movies and music videos that continue to keep this myth alive, so it is quite refreshing to see a movie like "Something To Sing About." This film takes a different approach in its story about a criminal trying to reform so instead of glorifying the thug life, the movie follows the journey of a man who realizes that there is something else in life that can bring him something more glorious than he could imagine.

After spending some time in prison, ex-convict Tommy (Darius McCrary) just can't seem to get a break until Memaw (Irma P. Hall) is captivated by Tommy's sweet voice during a visit to the local grocery store. Doubtful of Memaw's generosity at first, he eventually follows her guidance towards redemption. Tommy's life starts to change right before his eyes when he gets a new job, joins the church choir and strikes up a friendship with Memaw's granddaughter Lily (Tamera Mowry). While Tommy starts to feel hopeful about the future, his friend G-Smooth (Rashaan Nall) can't seem to get his act together and continues hustling on the streets with a local street gang. Tommy does his best to steer clear of that lifestyle but he is faced with some tough decisions and challenges that test his faith in more ways than one.

This story may come across as preachy at times, especially since the movie is presented by Evangelist Billy Graham, but the underlying message about love, forgiveness and being true to oneself is truly uplifting. The inspirational gospel music presented throughout the movie is also enjoyable so it's worth checking out.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Love's Enduring Promise, The Adventures of Ociee Nash and Woman Thou Art Loosed

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