Interview with Better Than Ezra

The second part of our interview with recording artists Better Than Ezra and we delve into the topics of fresh breath, younger audiences, Desperate Housewives, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Orcasound: I wanted to ask you guys about "A Lifetime" (first single from latest album "Before The Robots") because it's really opened you guys up to a new audience. People who haven't heard of you guys now…

Tom: Is it doing o.k. up here?

Orcasound: Yeah! Really well. I had that song in my head for quite awhile.

Tom: We have no concept of when things come out. That's the record company.

Orcasound: Oh no, it's playing on the radio here. Quite frequently.

Tom: Good!

Orcasound: It's opened up a whole new audience and a younger crowd, so I wanted to know how you guys feel about that? Playing to a mixed crowd now.

Tom: It happens often. You sorta try and perpetuate the career with every album you release.

Kevin: We've always been kinda fortunate. In the States we've always been kinda there. You kinda drift off then you're back on MTV. Luckily radio supported us. This sound has definitely brought us a new audience. It's funny because people aren't used to the stuff we're used to having to play, like our older hits.

Tom: Or they don't realize that they know them. For all they know we are a cover band.

Kevin: The teenage years and the early twenties are such a great time because there is so much development going on and changes. Once you get into 25 and up it's different, so I think…someone will come up to me and say, "My band played your stuff when I was 8 years old" and he's a young man in college now. I'm like 'Oh my god!" But it's really great! We're thrilled that "A Lifetime' finally got its chance to be heard because the song is 5 years old.

Tom: We've been really fortunate with this record. It kinda had a following in comparison to the last record.

Orcasound: You also had one song on the 'Desperate Housewives' soundtrack. How did that happen?

Tom: It's now a single.

Travis: The production department basically made it happen.

Kevin: It's so perfect. Do you see it up here?

Orcasound: Yeah, basically everyone knows that show. Girls are addicted to it.

Tom: I've never seen it. It's huge! It's great for us too! Something else along with "A Lifetime" that introduced us to a whole other audience.

Kevin: There's actually a couple of club mixes of that song. It's actually getting added to dance radio. That's good.

Orcasound: Just for me personally, what's the meaning of the song?

Kevin: When I was writing that song I sorta imagined a perfect circle and life. I had to fit that idea into 3 and a half minutes. When you really think of it a lifetime is really 3 and a half minutes long.

Tom: Whoa!

Orcasound: What is your favourite song to perform?

Travis: "Overcome"

Tom: Probably something new. "Overcome" maybe. No, for me it's probably "Juicy".

Travis: You always love your new stuff because you've been playing the other stuff for years. It's fresher.

Tom: "Fresher Breath" that's the name of our next album (laughs).

Orcasound: One more question, who do you like now that's coming up?

Kevin: New bands?

Tom: Not a new band, but a new record that I absolutely love is the new Death Cab for Cutie. I can't stop listening to it, it's awesome!

Kevin: Mine's probably a Canadian band The New Pornographers. The "Twin Cinema" album I think is just great. Who else….

Travis: Athlete

Kevin: Athlete!

Tom: It's quirky

Kevin: Cool production on it.

Travis: I like the new Strokes album.

Tom: I like the new single. I haven't heard the album. They did it well on Saturday Night Live.

Orcasound: What were your original inspirations that made you guys wanna get into music?

Kevin: Kiss, for me. My older brother's into Kiss. Then Elton John. You know, just kinda classic rock.

Travis: You were into Rush.

Kevin: We used to cover Rush. We've all covered Rush. "Xanadu" or something like that. We're totally into geeks. We used to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Orcasound: No time for that now.

Kevin: R.E.M. and other southeastern bands.

Travis: U2 and R.E.M. are bands that have been so relevant for so many years. They keep putting out great music. Especially U2. People kinda wrote them off after "Pop" and they came back. Black Crowes….no, I'm kidding!

Tom: Will you be coming to the show tonight?

Orcasound: Yeah, the show is all ages.

Tom: Cool!

Kevin: I'm surprised that immigration would even let you in with your record, Tom! (laughter)

Tom: That fake passport thing is working.

Kevin: We've been touring a lot this past year.

Orcasound: Do you guys bring your families with you?

Tom: They come out and visit at some points. We'll try and arrange our days off that we are gonna have to be in a major city like Chicago, so our wives might come out and visit. Otherwise, Kevin's wife has his son and both of our wives work, so they have lives at home so they just can't kinda up and come with us the whole time.

Kevin: Anyways, it's a fresh of breath air (laughter).

Tom: That should be the title of this interview!

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