The Visitation

Minister Travis Jordan's (Martin Donovan – Agent Cody Banks, Malcolm X) wife Miriam (Jhey Castles – first film) is murdered ritualistically. Disillusioned he quits the church and loses his faith. Another minister Kyle Sherman (Randy Travis – Baby Geniuses, The Rainmaker) tries to keep him involved in the religious happenings of the town, but Travis is not interested. Three years later, at a series of accidents and assorted odd happenings 3 men show up and tell the victims to tell that "He is coming". Though the accidents should have been life-ending ones, the victims are never hurt and some even are better off physically than they were before. Local reporter Nancy Barrons (Lin Ciangio – The Badge) is following the odd happenings around and recording all the weird events on behalf of the local newspaper. Miracles are happening in the sleepy town of Antioch and the townspeople are fixed on a mysterious stranger named Brandon Nichols (Edward Furlong – Teminator, American History X), who seems to have unbelievable powers. No one really wonders who this mysterious stranger is except for Travis and the new female veterinarian in town, Morgan Elliot (Kelly Lynch – The Jacket, Charlie's Angels). Brandon takes a job on Mrs. Macon's (Ellen Geer – Practical Magic, Phenomenon) farm and begins to hold revivals there. The townspeople begin to believe that Brandon is a true messiah or even Jesus Christ himself. Kyle tries to tell the townspeople that Brandon is not Jesus Christ, but they won't listen to him. Morgan is really worried about her teenage son Michael (Noah Segan – from television series such as Grace Under Fire and Dawson's Creek), who has decided to live with Brandon. Morgan and Travis find out that the stranger is not Brandon Nichols, but that his name really is Herb Johnson. Travis, Kyle and Morgan race to get to the bottom of the mystery before something tragic happens in Antioch.

The Visitation is based on Frank Peretti's best-selling novel of the same name. Overall it is not a bad movie if you don't mind watching 'B' caliber thriller/horror movies than this film will be a fun time for you. The production values on this film are quite low, but not so much so that it is laughable. It does at times seem more like a movie of the week rather than a feature film. Most of the story is well told even though it seems to skip ahead inexplicably sometimes. On the whole the cast does a good job, but Edward Furlong has a tendency to go a bit over-the-top with his character at times. Director Robby Henson (The Badge) has made a decent thriller/horror film with Christian leanings but he has not gone too overboard and hit you over the head with its preachiness.

Special Features:
-End of the Spear trailer

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