Art Feria

This small but interesting exhibit is taking place at the Xerox tower in Alexis Nihon Plaza for one month and is part of the art exhibits of Festivalissimo. Two Latin male artists are featured and their talent is obvious to even the casual observer. Though they are both from the Latin world they have two very distinct styles.

Argentinean native Norberto Majlis has a BA in physics in Argentina and a PhD in physics from England. He began his career as a university professor and has published many research papers and one book. He started taking courses in the late 1960s on painting and engraving out which was born his love for art. Majlis practices several types of art production such as, painting, drawing, object construction, installations, and prints. The artist moved to Montreal in 1996 and has held exhibitions of his work in Buenos Aires, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, and Italy. In his 5 paintings that are part of this exhibit he uses very distinct bold brushstrokes accompanied with flamboyant colours.

The second artist is Israel Gonzalez Rivero who was born in Havana, Cuba. He has 9 paintings in this exhibit and many of them demonstrate a concern with the environment, sexuality and religion. His paintings seem to be a cross between visions and his vivid imagination. Rivero's works have been shown in Holland, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, United States, Norway, Argentina, Uruguay, and Jamaica.

Additional information:
-Alexis Nihon Plaza – Tour Xerox – 3400 DeMaisonneuve West – on the main floor just by the entrance
-Entrance is free
-Festivalissimo website:

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