Roxanne Potvin

A mix of country and blues twinged pop on a debut album from this Canadian artist. Sounding a lot like she is making an homage album to Bonnie Raitt, Roxanne Potvin gives us music that is very old in nature but young and fresh in sound. She even plays a mean guitar like Miss Raitt. A fully bilingual young female artist who was born in Regina and grew up in Gatineau, Quebec but is now based in Toronto (why does almost every artist feel like they have to live there?) shows that she has already turned the heads of several heavyweights in the music industry. Grammy Award winner Colin Linden produced the album, Juno Awards winner Bruce Cockburn sings on it, John Haitt appears on it, and Grammy Award winner Daniel Lanois sings a duet with her. There seems to be quite a bit of buzz around this artist so be one of the first to check her out.

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