'Welcome to the suck' is a line that is uttered time and time again in this film, but it is not an indication of the quality of the film. The attention grabbing title of the film comes from the self-appointed nickname for the Marines. They go by this nickname because Continue Reading

The Boy In Blue

The sport which was most popular world-wide before football, baseball and soccer took over was sculling. Sculling united both rich and poor in being fans of it and thousands turned out to sculling events to cheer on the rowers. The stars of sculling were world-wide heroes. It was also the Continue Reading

Pin Up Girl

This is one of those old-fashioned musical comedies where funny situations are constantly arising. Director Bruce Humberstone (Lucky Cisco Kid, The Purple Mask) has wisely not focused solely on the musical numbers and forgotten about the story. He has attempted to make the 'stuff' in between the music just as Continue Reading