Pin Up Girl

This is one of those old-fashioned musical comedies where funny situations are constantly arising. Director Bruce Humberstone (Lucky Cisco Kid, The Purple Mask) has wisely not focused solely on the musical numbers and forgotten about the story. He has attempted to make the 'stuff' in between the music just as important. This is not to say that the musical numbers aren't any good; the dance numbers in the film are among Grable's best. Her number 'Once Too Often" with Academy Award winning choreographer Hermes Pan (Kiss Me Kate, My Gal Sal) is the best. The music in the film played by The Charlie Spivak Band is amazing as well. Betty Grable made quite a career for herself due to this film. Pin Up Girl is the film that established Betty Grable as the number one Pin Up Girl during World War II. Grable is not the only one who does well in the film, even though there are comedic heavy weights such as Martha Raye and Joe E. Brown in the film Dorothea Kent turns in the funniest performance. Her turn as Kay, Lorry's goody goody near sighted friend is a scream. A fun watch of music, dance, laughs and fluff.

Lorry Jones (Betty Grable – How to Marry a Millionaire, The Gay Divorcee) is a girl who just can't help telling lies. She is the most popular girl in the USO show in a small Midwestern town who has to leave because she has taken a job, with her friend Kay (Dorothea Kent – Million Dollar Legs), in Washington in the secretary pool of the military. On the way to Washington, Lorry convinces Kay to get off the train in New York to spend an evening there. Lorry lies by telling the maitre'd that she and Kay are with Naval war hero Tommy Dooley (John Harvey – The Phantom of the Opera). When Dooley arrives Lorry covers up that lie by saying that she and Kay, who is quite drunk by this point, are stars of the Broadway show 'Remember Me'. She tells Dooley her name is Lorry Lorraine. Jealous that Lorry has taken Tommy's attention away from her, nightclub singer Molly McKay (Martha Raye – Never Say Die) forces nightclub owner Eddie Hall (Joe E. Brown – Some Like It Hot, Around the World in Eighty Days) to invite Lorry to get up and sing a number from the show. Tommy is impressed and by the end of the evening he is smitten with Lorry. After arriving in Washington, Lorry has to keep up the charade when she is assigned to be Dooley's secretary. He does not recognize her so Lorry is able to act as liaison between Dooley and Miss Lorraine/Lorry. As time goes on it becomes more and more difficult for Lorry to keep up the charade.

Special Features:
-Marquee Musicals: trailers for Pin Up Girl, Weekend in Havana and Daddy Long Legs
-Deleted scene
-Still gallery

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