Langerado Music Festival Review Part I

"Too much of everything is just enough," may very well be the motto for this year's 4th annual Langerado Music Festival. This year's Festival, held in Sunrise, Florida, had it all.

About 14,000 thousand lively festivarians enjoyed over 40 bands on the weekend of March 11th and 12th. The weather conditions were ideal, hot and sunny, with only a few wispy clouds cascading through the blue sky. This wonderful festival has blossomed into a mega event. Inside the festival grounds, Shakedown Street was a seemingly endless path of vendors displaying a wide array of food, souvenirs, hot air balloon rides, wears, and much more. The audience was stoked and ready for this enormous event. I noticed license plates from all over North America; after all this Fest marked the beginning of many more festivals to prop up throughout the United States and Canada.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to review and catch all of the music, since five stages were erected for this event and simultaneous music was the norm. This, unfortunately, meant that on more than a few occasions I either missed or had to run from one stage to another. I missed all of my pre-set interviews, due to a bit of last minute confusion and not being able to be at three places at the same time. Oh well, there was no reason for stress, coming from the 'Great White North" it felt great to feel the sun touch my skin and to see so many smiling faces all around me.

As I'm sure most in attendance would have agreed, without a doubt The Flaming Lips were the first night's highlight. "The Lips" are celebrating their 20th anniversary and show no signs of slowing down. This quartet debuted 3 songs for the first time live at Langerado, all of these songs will be available on their next studio album (At War With The Mystics), due to be released on April 4th. Do yourself a favour and check out their show next time they're near your home town; there's nothing else like it. The band's Florida show was their first live appearance since last year and their first appearance in Florida in over a decade. Lead singer, Wayne Coyne entered in a blown up plastic bubble and floated atop the audience during the band's first tune "Ta Da!". That's when the mayhem commenced and it didn't end until "The Lips" encored with Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." (Check out their set list at the bottom of this column.)

Other first night highlights included: Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Meters featuring Art Neville. Burning Spear and the Brazilian Girls overlapped their sets, so I only caught a few tunes from each band….they were both top notch; I wished I could clone myself! I was hoping to watch Umphrey's McGee and The Disco Biscuits (set list included below), but I missed both of them; the word was very positive regarding their performances. Ben Harper wrapped up the night with his rootsy blues tinged music.

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Flaming Lips Set:

Ta Da!
Race For The Prize
Bohemian Rhapsody
Free Radicals (new song first time performed live)
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
The Gash
Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (new song first time performed live)
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 2
W.A.N.D (new song first time performed live)
She Don't Use Jelly
Do You Realize

War Pigs (Black Sabbath composition)

Disco Biscuits set list

Have A Cigar
Digital Buddha
Shelby Rose
Liquid Handcuffs

Safety Dance

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