The Gospel Road

The life of Christ is the subject of this 1973 film. It follows Jesus through the highlights of his time on Earth from a young boy (Robert Elfstrom Jr. – first film), to his teachings, friendship with Mary Magdalene (June Carter Cash), through to his crucifixion as a young man (Robert Elfstrom – first film). This is the story of one man's journey.

This film will remind those watching it of how Johnny Cash lived his life – by his own rules. It was filmed in the actual locations depicted in the Bible (in modern-day Israel) and much of the scenery is quite beautiful. Considering that they went to the trouble and expense of filming it in the actual locations it is puzzling to me why they chose to depict Jesus as a blonde man. The story does take some liberties with the Gospel and the acting in it is quite poor. Obviously it was a low-budget film so they had to use hand-held cameras which are wobbly at times. The highlight of The Gospel Road is definitely when we get to hear Cash narrate the story and sing. There are also songs by June Carter Cash and Kris Kristofferson in the film. It seems to me that if he wanted to get a message across he could have done it more effectively just through his singing rather than this film.

Special Features:
-Radio Spots: 60 second & 30 second radio Spot
-Still Gallery: Lobby Cards, Original Theatrical Poster
-Trailers for Walk The Line, Bible and Love Me Tender.

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