Ben Harper

Being a person who is completely passionate about what he does (see his legendary 3 hour concerts) instead of making this a long single CD containing 18 tracks, Harper divided the music into the plugged-in/rock tunes separate from the softer ballads. One CD is white (happy soft songs) and the other is black (angry loud tunes); we have the ying and the yang of Ben Harper on this album. He is definitely giving us both sides of the gun. The 'black' disc is full of songs that are quite critical of the Bush administration and generally the state of the United States. On 'Black Rain' he basically calls for a revolution by the people. Ballsy! I guess he is not scared of people going all Dixie Chicks over this. He lays out for everyone to see his influences by Sly and the Family Stone, Tom Waits and even gospel music. He is an artist who hides nothing and feels he has nothing to hide. Ben Harper is a socially conscious, committed, multi-talented, and makes us believe that corporations will never completely take over the creation of music.

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