Dream Theater @ Metropolis

dream theater live4Watching great musicians play is an absolute treat. This was the case last Thursday at Metropolis as Dream Theater came and conquered. This was the 20th anniversary tour and to their credit the band managed at least one song from every album.

The three hour two set show just amazed everyone with awesome beats and killer playing. John Petrucci is a guitar player like no other. Add in Mike Portnoy on drums and John Myung on bass and you have the most incredible rhythm section in music today. Add in Jordan Rudess on keyboards and James LaBrie on vocals and I dare you to find a better band out there today.

These are not 3 chord 3 minute songs. These are 10-20 minute anthems. Highlights of the first set would have to include “Raise the Knife”, “Under A Glass Moon” and “Strange Deja-vu”. The second set was just killer from a-z. “Octavarium” the title track from the new album was the biggest song of the night. Spanning 24 minutes this anthem was nailed by the band. It was so big in sound words cannot describe it. The encore of “The Spirit Carries on” and “Take The Time” were just the icing on this cake.

For those of you who love the prog-rock era and can handle a little bite in your music, I would highly suggest giving these guys a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Set List;
03/23 – Montreal, QUE – Metropolis
1. The Root of All Evil
2. These Walls
3. Another Won
4. Afterlife
5. Under A Glass Moon
6. Caught In A Web
7. Raise The Knife
8. Strange Deja-Vu
9. War Inside My Head/
10. The Test That Stumped Them All
11. Endless Sacrifice
12. I Walk Beside You
13. Sacrificed Sons
14. Octavarium
15. The Spirit Carries On
16. Take The Time


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