My Neighbor Totoro

Japan is a country that has become world renown for its production of high quality and innovative animation. Director Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle) is one of the more famous Japanese directors of this genre. Miyazaki does not only do a good job with the magical mystical characters in this film, but he is great at showing the everyday things through a child's eye. All the animation in the film is hand drawn and as a result is warm and beautiful. The two sister characters are realistic in that they are not too sweet or perfect; they can be silly or impatient depending on their moods. We get to experience what it is like moving to a new home and meeting new people from the perspective of two young girls. What is especially heartwarming about the two sisters and the film itself is how well the love they feel for each other is portrayed. There are no villains to battle and it is about a family that actually loves each other, which is rare in films today. This 2-disc set is an example of an animated feature that the whole family, regardless of age, can enjoy.

An animated feature about the escapades of Satsuki and her sister Mei, who is four-years-old. Satsuki and Mei move into a new house in a brand new rural neighbourhood. Shortly after they find out that their neighbour is a enigmatic forest spirit named Totoro. King Totoro is discovered by Mei at the bottom of an enormous camphor tree and is shaped like a giant bunny rabbit. The interesting thing about Totoro is that only children can see him. Through their new friendship with Totoro, Mei and Satsuki meet a whole bunch of new and interesting characters. These characters include a cat who is also a bus, who takes them off to see their mother. With all their new friends Mei and Satsuki start off on a whole new series of adventures with Totoro as their protector.

Special Features:
-Behind the microphone with Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning
-Original Japanese trailer
-Complete storyboard
-Opening and closing animation (without credits)

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