The Climb

Derrick Williams (Jason Winston George – Bewitched, Barbershop) is a daredevil mountain climber, who prefers to climb alone as he pushes himself to the edge on his climbs. Michael Harris (Ned Vaughn – Courage Under Fire, The Hunt for Red October) is a 'safe' climber, who always tries to think of everything that could go wrong and prepares for it. They come together for the first time order to rescue the son of wealthy Wal-Mart-like store developer Mack, (Dabney Coleman – 9 to 5, Domino). In order to gain some much-needed positive publicity for his faltering stores, Mack offers the two a fully funded climb up the most challenging mountain in the Chilean Andes. Derrick is hesitant to accept the offer because he had always dreamed of doing the climb solo, but is convinced by Michael that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After being a little too caught up in the publicity side of the climb, Derrick is refocused by Michael and they start to seriously train for their climb. Michael and Derrick become quite close despite their differences. Derrick goes through a hard patch with his girlfriend Cheryl Martin (Kyli Santiago – from television's The Young and the Restless), as she announces that she is pregnant. He claims to not have time for a child now and Cheryl is quite disillusioned because she thought that Derrick would not be like his own father – not there for his kids. Derrick and Cheryl break up just before he goes on the climb. Despite all their hard training, nothing has prepared them for the harsh weather and conditions of the climb. Michael turns to his faith in hard times, but Derrick does not know where to turn.

This is another film brought to us by Reverend Billy Graham. It should be no surprise then that there is a strong Christian theme running throughout the film. Though these types of films tend to not have large budgets this one does not show it and director John Schmidt (first film) should be credited with this. Some of the scenery when they are making the climb is quite stunning. The acting is decent enough for the most part. It is a little cheesy and heavy handed with its message at times, but altogether not too painful a watch. You must be warned though that your liking of the film will probably be tied to how you feel towards its Christian message.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Love's Enduring Promise and The Adventures of Ociee Nash

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