Whisper of the Heart

Shizuku (Brittany Snow – The Pacifier) is a 14-year-old girl who lives with her sister and family in an apartment. She enjoys writing and reading, but is worried about what she is going to do in life. On one of her frequent trips to the library, Shizuku is angered by the fact that all the books she wants to read have already been taken out by one boy. One day Shizuku meets a young boy who seems to always get her goat, but she is attracted to him at the same time. Seiji (David Gallagher – from television's 7th Heaven), who ends up being the one who took out all the books Shizuku wanted, is a young boy who is unwavering in his desire to realize his dreams. This captures Shizuku's attention as she has been trying to figure out what her own talents might be. Seiji lives with his grandfather and is studying to become a violin maker in Italy. Shizuku realizes that her special talent is writing and challenges herself to write a great work about a cat figurine named Baron (Cary Elwes – Kiss the Girls, The Princess Bride). In their own magical way, Baron and Seiji help Shizuku to listen to what is in her own heart. This begins Shizuku's path towards some incredible adventures and the beauty of first love.

Whisper of the Heart is an incredible film about friendship and listening to your own heart. It reminds us all of the innocence and beauty of first love. It is heart warming and sweet without being too sacchariney. Truly makes you notice how that often times the simple things in life are the most important. The hand drawn animation is top notch and definitely is a highlight of the film. An interesting thing about Whisper of the Heart is how the John Denver song "Take Me Home, Country Road" is used several times in this Japanese film and strangely enough it fits in. Go figure!

Special Features:
-Behind the microphone with voice talent from the film
-Original storyboards
-T.V. spots

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