Jeff Martin

After the breakup of the popular and long lasting Canadian band Tea Party I am sure fans wondered if we would ever hear music from lead singer/guitarist/song writer Jeff Martin again. Well, have no fear, the man has released a solo effort. Upon first glance at Mr. Martin you might simply write him off as another Jim Morrison wannabe (he looks strikingly like Morrison), but that would be a mistake. Frustrated by what he felt was the 'commercialization' of Tea Party music, Martin has released an album which goes back to his roots. The music on Exile and the Kingdom is full of pure rock sounds, spirituality, and Martin's unique sounding smoky voice. It was almost entirely recorded in a small studio in Ireland (where Martin and his family now live) and the Celtic influence can be heard on several tracks. Don't worry though, this is not an Enya-sounding CD; the man still rocks hard. Martin's talent lies in his ability to set up a mood and tell a story through his music and this album continues in that vein.

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