The Flaming Lips

The latest album by the quirky but lovable The Flaming Lips has them coming out of the closet….no, not that type of closet….and showing their 'true colours' as Pink Floyd devotees. At War With The Mystics is the closest thing you'll hear to Pink Floyd besides the group themselves. Unlike their previous two concept albums, there is no running theme within this album; it is all about sound and recreating a sound akin to what we commonly heard in the mid 70s. Don't think that without a concept that The Flaming Lips album is without intelligence; that would be a mistake! It is still one of the better written pop albums out there. There are several biting criticisms of the present U.S. government, including the President himself. At War With The Mystics will please previous Lips fans as it involves many of the elements and sounds of the previous albums and will probably win them over a whole new legion of fans, as well.

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