Syd (Chris Evans – Cellular, Fantastic Four) has broken up with his girlfriend London (Jessica Biel – Stealth, Elizabethtown). Actually, to be more precise, she has dumped him. This sends Syd into a downward spiral of self-doubt and drugs. Through some flashbacks we get to see the couple when they were together and although there was a strong sexual connection they were definitely dysfunctional together. Syd now spends his time moping about the demise of his relationship and doing drugs. He finds out from Mallory (Joy Bryant – Get Rich or Die Tryin', Spider Man 2), a mutual friend of his and London's, that London is moving away and there having a farewell party, which he is not invited to. This sends Syd into a state and he needs to score some drugs. He meets up with a well-dressed British middle aged man named Bateman (Jason Statham – Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch), who is a part-time drug dealer. Syd convinces Bateman to come to the farewell party with him. Rebecca (Isla Fisher – Wedding Crashers, Scooby Doo), who is hosting the party and has purposely not invited Syd, is not happy when Syd and Bateman show up. The two go immediately into the extremely large bathroom and start snorting cocaine. A series of conversations happen during their time in the bathroom and Syd explains to Bateman about him and London. Syd is trying to get his nerve up to leave the bathroom and talk to London. We are left throughout the film wondering as to whether Syd will ever leave the bathroom and if he does talk to London what will happen.

London is the type of film that the watcher is either going to love or hate. I don't see there being any in between. The film and director Hunter Richards (first film) are obviously trying to look gritty and edgy, but sometimes that attempt is too obvious. The rampant drug use in the film is in full display and it is almost like they are trying to sell it as incredibly 'cool'. There is not much of a plot or story other than a series of drug-fueled discussions about life, love and other more philosophical issues. Despite these weaknesses, for me, the film was excellent. I was riveted from the beginning and invested in the story and characters. The film involves several young up-and-coming Hollywood stars trying something different and on many levels they succeed. Music-wise the score of the film is also quite good as it was done by The Crystal Method. If your idea of a good time is watching a film that is basically a bunch of conversations strung together then you should enjoy this quirky film.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Behind the scenes featurette
-Previews for Underworld Evolution, When a Stranger Calls, The Squid and the Whale, The Tenants, Where the Truth Lies, National Lampoon Presents Barely Legal, Pretty Persuasion, The Baxter, 8mm 2, Lila Says, and Sex and the Teenage Mind

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