Mercenary for Justice

John Seegar (Steven Seagal – Exit Wounds, Out for Justice) is a soldier of fortune for hire to the highest bidder. He is the most efficient one-man hit squad there is. After a job he is hired to do in the Middle East goes awry and a good friend of his is killed, John promises his young son and wife that he will bring the body back and he will receive a full military burial. Mr. Chapel (Roger Guenveur Smith – Summer of Sam, Final Destination), a man who takes money to assemble teams to carry out risky illegal missions, takes the mother and son hostage in order to blackmail John into joining a job. The job is to break into a heavily guarded South African jail to break out the son of a wealthy but corrupt billionaire Greek arms dealer. There is also a CIA agent, Dresham (Luke Goss – Blade II) who is on John's tail. Once John catches on to the fact that he is being double-crossed that is when things start getting exciting.

I cannot believe that in his mid-50s that Steven Seagal wants us to still believe him as an action hero. It was doubtful, due to his wooden acting, back 15 years ago and even more so now. Even his skills as a martial art are a little less believable. I think director Don E. Fauntleroy (Today You Die) recognizes this and has much more shoot-'em-up scenes rather than the usual plethora of Aikido that are in Seagal films. The acting, plot and even fight scenes are so silly and boring you have to wonder how much longer Mr. Seagal will be making films.

Special Features:
-Behind-the-scenes featurette

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