Second in Command

As this is a straight-to-video number most of the audience will be made up of Van Damme action flick fans. I am not sure even his fans will enjoy sitting through this low-budget production. The production values and acting on this film remind me somewhat of a movie-of-the-week. There is not even that many fight scenes involving Van Damme and those few that there are seem to last about 15 seconds. Action junkies will not even get enough of what they crave from this film. Acting-wise Van Damme is his usual wooden self, but at this point I don't think anyone expects Sir Laurence Olivier from him. The rest of the cast unfortunately are just as wooden and really are b-movie actors. Director Simon Fellows (Blessed) seems to think that tight shots and unsteady handheld cameras are the way to go with action films and I have to disagree. It just ended up giving me a headache. Fans of Van Damme have to get used to the fact that their favourite action hero is now in his mid-40s and these are the types of films he will now have to make – less action and unfortunately more acting.

Sam Keenan (Jean Claude Van Damme – Kickboxer, Nowhere to Run) is an ex-Navy SEAL who arrives in an Eastern European country that is in complete chaos. The U.S. ambassador, George Norland (Colin Stinton – Proof, The Jacket) appoints Keenan second in command just before a coup d'etat is attempted. Keenan rescues President Amirev (Serban Celea – has starred in a number of straight-to-video films) of the country and brings him to the American Embassy for safekeeping. The American Embassy is attacked by the rebels and the Americans are greatly outnumbered. Unfortunately the American forces are hours away and will not be there in time to save Keenan and the men. It is left up to Keenan to figure out a way to defeat the rebels.

Special Features:
-Previews of The Detonator, The Russian Specialist, End Game, Dirty, Today You Die, The Patriot (Extended cut), Underworld Evolution, When a Stranger Calls (2006), The Pink Panther (2006), Freedomland, Black Hawk Down (Extended cut), Ultraviolet, and Hostel.

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