Avant specializes in the romantic and seductive R&B music genre. Often compared to the likes of R.Kelly, Avant's latest album "Director" offers up fifteen tracks of music that are mostly mediocre. His voice is charming though. There is definite potential there but his style just seems overdone. There are a few memorable songs such as the first track "So Many Ways", "4 Minutes" and "Now You Got Someone." Popular girl group The Pussycat Dolls team up with Avant for the urban remix of their smash hit "Stickwitu." A good track but since it's their hit single, it would seem logical to see this remix on their album instead, as a bonus track perhaps. Avant's duet with Nicole Schertzinger is also notable. The final track "Ghetto Public Service Announcement" featuring Jermaine Dupri is an offering of two perspectives about the street thug life. A few notable moments but Avant should try to add some new flavor next time around if he wants to stand out from the many artists recording this genre of music.

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