Mutek Festival

The summer festival season in Montreal (though it seems now that Montreal has festivals 12 months a year) starts off each year with a bang with the Mutek Festival. Mutek is an electronic music and technology festival which is now entering its 7th year. This year there will be over 70 artists/djs/musicians performing at the festival. The performers come from near (Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, etc.) and far (Spain, Germany, England, etc.) to take part and give Montrealers a sampling of their talents. There is a little bit of everything in this festival as there are 5 nights of djs and music called Nocturne which will take place at Metropolis, S.A.T., and the Darling Foundry, 2 different Piknic events which are outdoors concerts at Parc Jean Drapeau featuring music creating on the spot by djs, 7 different workshops happening at Monument National that will allow participants to learn about such things as mixing music, mixing visuals with music, and an introduction to djing, 4 panels happening at Monument National covering such topics as Music for video games, Music in the future, and Are records dead?, 2 different Visions sessions at Ex-Centris which explore the mixing of the music and visual mediums, and finally there are 4 different installations happening at Monument National which run throughout the festival. As you can see the 5 days of the festival are jam packed, but it is definitely something that you want to make the effort to check out. I went to several events last year and had a great time.

Further information:
-Ticket Purchase: available for purchase on the website and at . In person purchase is possible at: Mutek ticket office – 1182 St. Laurent, MOOG – 3828 St. Laurent, Atom Heart – 364 Sherbrooke East, and all Admission outlets.
-Ticket Price: Weekend Passport: $75.00, Festival Passport: $100.00, Epiderm installation: $10.00, Panel: $5.00, Nocturne 1-5: $17.50-$27.50, Piknic: $7.00, and Visions: $20.00.
-Venues: Ex-Centris – 3536 St. Laurent, Parc Jean Drapeau on Ile Ste Helene, S.A.T. : 1195 St. Laurent, Metropolis : 59 Ste. Catherine East, Monument National: 1182 St. Laurent, and Darling Founderie: 745 Ottawa (maps of venues on the website)

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