Blackmore’s Night

Hear ye! Hear ye! Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple fame has formed a band and they have recorded an album full of medieval music. This probably seems like a strange combination medieval music with a man who wielded a guitar for several of the louder heavy metal bands. Somehow it works and it shows Blackmore's disinclination to allow himself to be put in a box musically. Instrumentation of yesteryear and Candice Night's ethereal vocals are mixed nicely with Blackmore's skills on the guitar (all types). The combination of the lyrics and Night's vocals make you feel as if the album is one complete story that these musicians are trying to tell us. Blackmore's fans will be interested to hear his complete reworkings of the Rainbow classic "Street of Dreams" and Deep Purple's "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore". At the very least, they will be assured that he has not lost his touch on the electric guitar.

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