Dilated Peoples

While there are plenty of commercial Hip Hop music acts out there, Dilated Peoples is more of an underground group who have been on the music scene for a while but haven't quite hit that mark of chart topping success that most artists aim for. Their latest release "20/20" has been criticized by some and praised by others but as in everything in life, some people will like it and others will hate it. You can judge for yourselves but I thought the album was pretty decent. "Back Again" has a slammin' musical backdrop displaying the group's tight lyrical flow. "You Can't Hide You Can't Run" is a solid track with a cool sound. "Kindness For Weakness" featuring Talib Kweli is another standout track. "Rapid Transit" keeps the album interesting with an eerie musical backdrop. The album takes on a reggae tone with Capleton joining Dilated Peoples on the "Firepower (The Tables Have To Turn)." DJ Babu displays his skills on the turntables with "The One And Only." The other tracks are less interesting but overall these guys have their own unique vibe and actually sound more real than a lot of that commercial, overly violent and abusive towards women Rap crap out there. Even though there are some weak tracks, this album is still worth checking out.

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