Interview with Stephane Legros Part III of III

This is the last segment of our interview with Montreal's most highly acclaimed hair stylist. Recently, Stephane Legros has won top prizes at international Hair Styling Competitions and he is often considered to be North America's most avant- garde, creative and fashionable stylist.

In part 3 of 3 Legros speaks out about how to care for your own hair

Orca: How often should people wash their hair?

Stephane: North Americans want everything to be clean and washed and you know…we are used to washing our hair every day. But hair is like skin it needs the moisture. There is a balance between hygiene and fashion. Every day is a bit too much. For example, when a person has a problem with oily hair we recommend them to wash their hair every two days with cold water …I mean, nice temperature not too hot not too cold. Everyone needs to know that if we wash our hair everyday we will end up with dry skin and maybe dandruff problems. We are going to cause an imbalance in this region of our skin. Every two days is great, every three days is also great. Some people wash their hair once a week and that is ok because they do not have oily scalps.

Orca: You really are an educator.

Stephane: As stylists we need to educate our clients. It is not just a cut and colour. The client's hair style is constantly changing. For example when I color hair it changes; in one week the color will change because of shampoos because of pollution. In one week the hair will grow. The haircut is constantly in progress. The most beautiful compliment I received was that my cuts stay nice and structured for a long time. So people can manage their style one month, two months…it is a great compliment because I make their life easier. As a stylist you see different clients, different problems and different solutions.

Orca: What do you recommend for the people with really "thin" hair?

Stephane: Basically we are talking about people with fine hair not about the people who lose their hair. The first lady who designed Redken had fine hair. She had this problem about 40 years ago. She was a Hollywood actress and she was unable to find products for fine hair at that time. That is why she invented Redken. There are lots of products in Redken's treatment line for fine hair: Body Full is one of them. It is a solution with proteins that helps the hair get thicker. So with the shampoo the conditioner and the leave in treatment and lifter, we are able to build volume.

Yes, there is a solution for fine hair and don't be discouraged because fine hair is great to style and work with. There are many solutions. With color and cuts we are able to create volume by the lines we choose and the graduation we choose.

Orca: What is the most frequent way that people mistreat their hair?

Stephane: There are many ways. Like right now we are using many hot tools for example ceramic flat irons or the curling irons, really hot blow dryers. You need to have the styling products to be sure to protect your hair because on a daily basis the flat iron with 200 F can be really, really damaging for your hair especially if you use it on the wet hair.

Never use the Flat iron on wet hair, always on dry hair. If you are going to use more than 160 F on wet hair you are going to change the form of your proteins inside your hair and this is irreversible. Things like that, also too much color, too much chemical work can damage your hair. It is like your skin and you need to treat it like that. Stylists should inform their clients about these issues; how are you going to style your hair at home and stylists should make sure that their clients are not going to damage their hair.

Orca: How long do Hair Extensions last?

Stephane: They can last 3, 4, 5 months it depends on how you maintain your extensions at home. As I said earlier, I am stylist, but most of the work is done at home. You have to make sure you have great products to maintain your extensions with. We offer extensions here and it is a great product. As a hairstylist I'm used to seeing hair falling on the floor but extensions are like another world because now we're putting hair back on the head. You increase the volume and this could be another solution for fine hair. We offer hair extensions here at Odyssee.

Stars are wearing extensions so much that when the Grammy awards or Oscars come around we are running out of extensions in North America. The stars are the ones that put a new service on the market. But a lot of stars are shortening their hair right now so we will see a big demand for short haircuts and that is the next step. We have done a lot of long styles and now we are looking for short and stronger styles. Less softness, less natural, more glamorous and fabricated.

Orca: What famous hairstyles need help and which ones appeal to you?

Stephane: You are terrible to ask me that! I would say Kate Moss has great taste. She is always reinventing herself, so as a stylist I am always looking for what she is wearing, what color she is wearing, mostly because her hair is always long. She did cut her hair short and blond and geometric 2 years ago and it was a big statement for her. You see she is always ahead of the times. I love Bjork what she is doing with her hair and she is a real artist. Madonna is a real artist too, very popular in the pop world, always reinventing herself.

For example, the last US or British Vogue issue featured a short dark hair design on the cover. I do not know the name of the model but she is there with really short hair. It means that we are going to see a lot of short designs in the future, fashion is changing.

Orca: You didn't answer my question; which stars have terrible hair styles?

Stephane: Britney Spears is a challenge right now. She can be so beautiful and she can look so horrible sometimes. Photographers are going to wait for moments when stars look bad. Every day is different, sometimes I like to look at myself in the mirror sometimes I don't because I feel so horrible. The people we used to see a lot like Paris Hilton, Britney or Jessica Simpson are the ones we can see with bad hair days.

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