Ane Brun

It's incredible to me that amount of music that comes from the relatively small area of the world we call Scandinavia. Ane Brun is another 'different' artist from 'over there' who originally comes from Norway and now lives in Sweden. Her music is quite smooth and relaxing; there will be no mosh pits at her live shows. What can be said about her live shows is that she is another artist who sells many tickets in Europe and is not really known here and all I have to say about that is "shame on us". It is definitely our loss. Her voice is interesting, emotional and haunting all at the same time. She definitely can be called a singer/songwriter and proof of that is the appearance of Canada's best young singer/songwriter, Ron Sexsmith, on one track on the album. The beautiful duet is a perfect example of 'economy' in music; the idea that less is definitely more. By saying it is less I don't mean to say the music is poor! Quite the opposite! Check it out!

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