The Detonator

Undercover C.I.A. agent Sonni Griffith (Wesley Snipes – Blade, The Art of War) is sent on a mission alone to Romania to expose an arms dealer and to halt the sale of a nuclear weapon. Things go awry when the middle man that Sonni is working with, Dimitri (Matthew Leitch – from television's Band of Brothers), gets tipped off that Sonni is an agent. The ensuing gun battle ends up with Sonni in prison, but he gets quickly released by the C.I.A. He is given a new mission – to escort a Russian woman named Nadia Cominski (Silvia Colloca – Van Helsing) to the United States. Soon Sonni learns that Nadia, who is not the most warm and trusting person, is wanted by the very arms dealer he was trying to bring down originally. The arms dealer will go to any lengths to get from Nadia the information she has. Sonni job is made all that much harder due to a leak in the C.I.A. and they must fight for their lives in order to get out of Romania.

Another straight-to-video release which is an action film. Despite the obvious low budget of this film, director Po-Chih Leong (television series Wolf Lake) tries to make it a very 'smart' film and fails miserably. Instead of being intelligent, the film is actually a mess with the plot not making any sense and the lines in it just being cheesy. Someone should tell the people making movies that it is not enough to have twists in your film, but they also have to make sense and fit in. Wesley Snipes starts off alright in his role and then he sorta just mails in his performance except in the scenes where he is kicking someone's ass. There are some nice action scenes in the film and some eye candy for male viewers due to the skimpy outfits warn by Miss Colloca, but that is about it.

Special Features:
-Previews of Hostel, Second in Command, The Russian Specialist, The Marksman, Black Dawn, 7 Seconds, Unstoppable, The Hunt for Eagle One, End Game, and Dirty

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