Blue October

Bringing their own style of alternative rock to Montreal on July 12 at Le National, Blue October is a band that is hard to figure out. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. They have more personalities or sounds than Sybil. Varying from straight out rock to outer space sounding Continue Reading


Jewel is without a doubt, one of the most unique and talented artists on the music scene. This Grammy nominated musician is also an acclaimed songwriter, painter and poet. With a string of hits like "Who Will Save Your Soul," You Were Meant For Me" and Foolish Games," she surely Continue Reading

Paul Simon

Paul Simon has always been one of the most respected singer/songwriters since he burst onto the scene way back as part of the duo Simon and Garfunkle. He is now celebrating his 65th year on this planet and that respect has not diminished any. Simon has been recording without Garfunkle Continue Reading

Chris Isaak

After being around for roughly 30 years an artists tends to have quite a catalogue built up. This holds true for Chris Isaak. His work is all unique sounding due to his choice of music and his very distinctive voice. The entire length and width of his career is represented Continue Reading