Wow! This band had one of the biggest hits of 2004 with its single "The Reason" and I would have bet good money that their next album would be filled with 10 to 12 versions of that song. Well, I would have lost my money because, for the most part, this album is very different from that song/sound. There are a couple of ballads on the album, but the rest of the album kinda sounds like a band rebelling against their new found success on the charts and radio. Not that none of the album could be played on radio, but they do interesting or daring things like the closing tune which is 7 and a half minutes long. Interestingly, bassist Markku Lappalainen left the band as they were recording the album and they chose not to replace him but instead used a bunch of different bassists. Could this album be a sign that there are some young bands out there who are not only interested in record sales but growth as a band and experimentation with sounds. Hey, didn't it work for a little band called U2?

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