Ron Sexsmith

How come it has taken Canadians almost two decades and nearly 10 albums to realize that Ron Sexsmith is one of the best musical artists we have in this country? I guess it is because he does not have matinee idol looks, videos which contain hot women and bling bling or produces the kind of music that causes teenage girls to scream. For shame! Instead he produces songs that contain great lyrics, he has an interesting nuanced voice and his simple melodies stay stuck in your head for days after listening to him. Content over packaging people! Tsk tsk! "Time Being" is certainly his most radio friendly recording without being formulaic pop music. Maybe mainstream radio will wake up and play his music finally. All you aspiring songwriters out there take the time to read his lyrics and see an example of how to write quality. All you music consumers go out to buy this album and all past sins (musically) are forgiven!

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