Say it ain't so! Apparently the dark nature of this follow-up album from the brilliant British band Keane was in part due to the fact that they were on the verge of breaking up during the writing/recording of it. Hang in there boys! There can never be too much good Brit pop in the music world. This trio is definitely one of the better bands that have come out of the most recent British invasion. The quality is partly due to their ability to create their energetic music without the use of guitars, partly due to their catchy melodies, partly due to the great piano work of Tim Rice-Oxley, and largely due to the melancholic vocals of lead singer Tom Chaplin. Their second album is somewhat familiar but definitely contains a different sound from their hugely successful first album, Hopes and Fears. They have matured but retained the ability to make large sounding songs with soaring choruses that beg to be performed live in front of large crowds of singing fans. This must have been a trick they picked up touring last year with the masters of this, U2. The songs are simple, not lyrically, but yet very melodic. One of the better albums yet this year!

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