If you are the parent of an 11-13 year old girl and need something to entertain them for a couple of hours then Aquamarine is the film for you. This is an example of a film that is targeted towards a particular sex and age category. I cannot picture anyone Continue Reading

La Clique at Just for Laughs

How do you describe a show which involves a rubber glove, hula hoops, tennis rackets, a bathtub, and a cucumber? Very carefully, I guess is the answer. La Clique is that type of show. It is billed as a sideshow burlesque and I think that this is a rather fitting Continue Reading

Susana Baca

She is part musician part historian. Susana Baca attempts on this album to convey the history of the oral traditions of several diverse societies, including Haiti, Ireland, France, and Italy. Singing in Spanish (she is from Peru) and French her voice conveys much emotion so as you don't really have Continue Reading