If you are the parent of an 11-13 year old girl and need something to entertain them for a couple of hours then Aquamarine is the film for you. This is an example of a film that is targeted towards a particular sex and age category. I cannot picture anyone else but pre-pubescent girls being interested in the film. It has all the elements (being boy crazy, friendship, giggling, and dealing with mean 'cool' girls) that girls that age can relate to. Though the film does show the superficialness of girls that age it also leaves them with the all-important message of how important friendship is and that it should not be jeopardized in the pursuit of a boy. Actually, come to think of it, that is an important message for females of any age. The friendship between Claire and Hailey is accurately portrayed by the two young actresses, but I have to say that I was fairly disappointed with Sara Paxton's portrayal of the mermaid. It is probably the most important role in the film and she was a little weak. Director Elizabeth Allen (first film) has made a feel-good film for young girls and their parent will be happy about the messages included in the film.

Claire (Emma Roberts – Spymate, Blow) and Hailey (JoJo Levesque – RV) are best friends and spend their time in the summer at the beach watching their crush, lifeguard Raymond (Jake McDorman – first feature film). Life is going along great until Hailey's mom, a marine biologist, decides that they are moving to Australia. Hailey does not want to go and wishes she could stay in Florida with Claire and her grandparents. Hailey's mom insists and they are to leave in a few days. One morning after a particularly bad storm, Claire falls into the murky pool at her grandparents' beach club. Raymond dives in to rescue her but Claire tells Hailey that she is sure she saw a face in the water. Later that evening Claire and Hailey check out the pool and discover to their amazement that there is a young mermaid in the water. Her name is Aquamarine (Sara Paxton – Liar Liar) and she is hiding out from her father because he wants her to marry a boy she does not even like. Aquamarine and her father make a deal that if she can find true love in three days and prove it exists her father will not make her marry the boy of his choice. Claire and Hailey promise to help Aquamarine and teach her everything they know about boys, which they learned from the pages in teen magazines. Unfortunately for Claire and Hailey, Aquamarine decides that Raymond is her true love. The two agree to give up Raymond because Aquamarine says that if they help her she will grant them a wish. Claire and Hailey will wish that Hailey's mom stays in Florida. Sure enough, Raymond seems to be falling for the new girl, Aquamarine and her unique ways, but is it true love? The girls have to find out together.

Special Features:
-Director Elizabeth Allen intro
-Totally deleted scenes
-Awesome auditions
-Building the Capri Club
-Mermaid makeover
-It's all about the fashion
-Aqua's squeals
-Kickin' it on set

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