Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint

Like Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello seems to be going through a phase where he finds it more interesting to record albums with other established musicians rather than solo. There is definitely nothing wrong with that because both these artists are churning out good quality recordings. It also gives us a peek into a different side of these talented musicians. This particular combination came about as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Allen Toussaint is a musician from New Orleans who has written and produced albums for The Pointer Sisters, Labelle and Lee Dorsey. After the hurricane, Toussaint moved to New York and reconnected with Costello, who he had previously worked with. Costello has always been a fan of Toussaint, so they got together to record some tunes from Toussaint's extensive body of work. The more interesting numbers are the new ones written by the two men. Costello provides most of the lead vocals with Toussaint playing piano and his horn section providing that New Orleans flavour. The rest of the music is played by Costello's backing band, The Imposters. Costello and Toussaint are making an appearance together at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

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